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Who to talk to

Department Contacts

HPHY is housed in several buildings across campus. The first point of contact for most students is the HPHY main office, located in Esslinger 122. This is where to go for advising and scheduling issues.

Peer Advisors

Peer advisers are a very important part of the HPHY advising team, giving students another avenue to receive academic advice from experienced undergraduates. Our peer advisors are familiar with classes, professors, requirements, goals, and academic stresses from a perspective that gives inquiring students a more realistic and insightful view of the human physiology major and minor. The information available through the peer advisors strongly complements the guidance accessible through the department undergraduate advisers Jen Strong and Jon Runyeon, and their presence within the human physiology department allows for a more proficient advising schedule with more hours open for students needing advising. Call 541-346-4107 to contact a peer advisor, or stop by the Human Physiology office during office hours to speak with an advisor in person.


Drop-in Peer Advising for Summer term:

  • TBD

Request a Faculty Advisor appointment by contacting Cindy Wiser:; 541-346-4107


Cindy Wiser

Undergraduate and Graduate Coordinator


Jen Strong

Undergraduate Adviser


Jon Runyeon

Undergraduate Adviser