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Welcome to the Department of Human Physiology

Human Physiology is home to undergraduate and graduate students who desire strong training in human physiology and anatomy that will prepare them for careers in medicine, allied health professions, and biomedical research. (more…)

Featured News

February 9, 2021

HPHY Postdoc Scholar Wins NASA Award

Abby Cullen with Nasa logo

Abby Cullen, HPHY Postdoc scholar in Dr. Andy Lovering’s lab, was recently awarded the NASA Human Research Program Grant Augmentation Competition Award. The award was announced on February 4th during the annual Human Research Program Investigator’s Workshop titled Breaking Boundaries: Advancing Human Spaceflight Research Through Innovation and Collaboration.


Abby’s proposed work: Mechanical and gravitational countermeasures to ocular changes during strict head-down tilt bedrest will allow her to work with sleep data from the International Space Station missions and will also include conducting sleep studies in Germany.

Congratulations, Abby!

February 3, 2021

HPHY Alumni Makes History

Sara GoodrumHuman Physiology graduate Sara Goodrum (UO Alumni ’15) is helping to break the proverbial glass ceiling in Major League Baseball by being promoted to Minor League hitting coordinator, the first woman to hold the title in MLB history.

Read more of Sara’s journey from UO Softball player, HPHY Undergraduate and Bowerman Sports Science Clinic research assistant to making history with the Milwaukee Brewers francise:

Former Oregon Ducks softball player Sara Goodrum, left, was promoted to minor league hitting coordinator by the Milwaukee Brewers on Thursday.


November 19, 2020

Kimble Teaching Award

Congratulations to Human Physiology Graduate Student Sydney Leverett who was awarded the Kimble First Year Teaching Award.

This award confers recognition of the dedication and success of Sydney as part of our Athletic Training program, and we couldn’t be more proud to call her a member of our department.

The Kimble First-Year Teaching Award, named in honor of professor emeritus Dan Kimble, is jointly sponsored by the Office of the Provost, the Graduate School, and the Division of Undergraduate Education and Student Success, and administered by the Teaching Engagement Program. The award recognizes outstanding teaching by graduate student instructors who have demonstrated a commitment to inclusive, engaged, and research-led practice.

September 14, 2020

New Update for Fall Term

Please check our COVID-19 response page for the latest information about the department’s operations.


June 4, 2020

A Message to Our Students

Dear HPHY students,

We are living in uniquely challenging times in our country, with few precedents for the viral pandemic combined with historic unemployment and economic hardship. Tragically, the recent murder of George Floyd, of Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery are not unprecedented.

When we last reached out to you, it was before the start of spring term. We were moving to remote teaching, and we told you that we were grateful that you were sticking with us in the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation. We were and are committed to your success and to providing a valuable academic experience this term. We have seen many challenges this term, and we have worked hard to support you as you have worked hard to adapt to these circumstances.

Recent nation-wide protests in response to another murder of an unarmed Black man by police have taken an already untenable situation and elevated our national stress in ways we will all process differently. Our hearts are with our many students who have felt the anger, grief, and frustration of this moment in history.

We’ve been struggling with what message we as a faculty should send to you, our students, at this time to express how much we care about your well-being, and to reinforce our commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and equity, at a time when our broader cultural shortcomings are in such sharp focus. We feel our students of color, in particular our Black students, need to know we have your backs. We stand with you. We are here to support you and we will continue to educate ourselves to become better allies. While we acknowledge that the burden of addressing generations of inequities should not fall on those who have been oppressed, we also want to amplify your voices. In that spirit, for anyone that wants to share – we welcome your suggestions for what we can do to help. They can be sent to

As students at a predominately white institution, we ask each of you to consider what you can do to show your support for classmates that are most affected. Learn what is going on. Consider the many ways you can make a difference and show your support (you can go to if you need ideas).

Our faculty agree that cancelling final exams is one way we can support students’ needs at this time, but we don’t want to diminish the value of your hard efforts to learn. As such, those who want to take a final exam in a HPHY class may do so, as an opportunity to improve a grade or satisfy a personal sense of completion. No final exams will be required of students who would choose to let their grades stand as they are. No student who chooses to take their final exam will have their course grade reduced by their exam score. All final exams are now optional.

We have seen your resiliency this term. We have seen your hard work. You are all part of our HPHY family. We must take care of each other and stand up for one another.

In solidarity, on behalf of the HPHY faculty, staff, and graduate students,

John Halliwill, Department Head