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What is the Self-Study Option?

Self-Study Option for select HPHY courses

For the required Human Physiology 300-level courses (HPHY 321, 322, 323, 324, 325 and 371), students can select to register for a Self-Study Option in place of the traditional version of the course. The Self-Study Option has been designed to serve students unable to regularly attend lecture due to work, family or other commitments, or students who learn best on their own, as opposed to while interacting with others. The first offering of the Self-Study Option was in Fall 2013.

The differences between the traditional course and the Self-Study Option are summarized in the following table. Students enrolled in the Self-Study Option would be expected to watch on-line recordings of the interactive lectures, rather than participating in the interactive lecture twice a week. All students would still attend one of the many 2-hour weekly labs for the course, complete daily/weekly class and lab assignments, and be in attendance to complete the 2-3 course exams each term. The Self-Study Option is a available by instructor authorization, so if you are interested, see Cindy or the Peer Advisers in the HPHY office to fill out a Self-Study Clearance Form.

Summary of differences between traditional course & Self-Study Option

Traditional course

Self-Study Option

Interactive lectures

Interact with peers & Instructor in large classroom & use iClickers

Watch recordings of interactive lectures

Daily assignments

Upload to Canvas prior to class time

Upload to Canvas prior to class time


Both attend weekly 2-hour lab

Lab reports

Both upload reports prior to lab time


Both complete exams in person during regular class time (2-3 times/term)


Both complete quizzes on-line

Access to audio & video recordings of lecture

Both have access

Access to Peer-Tutor, Lab Instructor & Course Instructor office hours

Both have access