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Human Physiology Seeking Peer Advisors for 2018/2019

Want to become a Human Physiology Peer Advisor?

Peer advisors are a vital component of the HPHY department’s advising team.  Not only are HPHY peer advisors familiar with major and general education requirements, they are also trained to assist students with:

  • Interpreting their degree guide
  • Helping with schedule planning
  • Developing graduation plans

Peer advisors offer a perspective that professional advising staff cannot.  From experiences with various professors to balancing academic stressors and navigating UO systems, peer advisors are on the front-lines and have valuable viewpoints to share.


  • Analyze degree guides and inform students of the progress towards graduation
  • Develop well-balanced, accurate academic schedules
  • Generate graduation plans that take into account students’ individual circumstances
  • Schedule advising appointments
  • Work successfully in a team environment
  • Participate in other projects as determined by the team


Peer Advising Applications are due Feb. 12, 2018