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Human Subject Research Opportunities

Human participants are critical to the success of our research studies. Human Physiology studies cover a wide variety of research of the human body.

Come help us!


Acute Hot Tub Study

We are currently recruiting healthy paraplegic individuals for a study investigating the acute effects of hot tubbing. The study involves one screening session (60 min) and one experimental session (up to 3 hours), which includes 60 min in a hot tub. Subjects must be fasted from food and caffeine on study day and must refrain from all over-the-counter medications and exercise for 24 hours.

Upon participation, subjects will be compensated up to $40.

Eligible? Spinal cord injury at T4 or below (paraplegic; motor complete), Ages 18-50; no smoking, heart disease or other chronic diseases; women must not be pregnant or currently breast-feeding; men must not be undergoing treatment to increase sperm counts

If you are interested in participating, please contact Emily Larson via Email: or phone: 541‐346‐4507

Biomechanics Research Study

Are you involved in occupational activities with moderate-to-heavy physical demands?

Are you between ages of 18-40 or 55-70 years old?

You may be eligible to participate in a biomechanics research study!

The purpose of study is to investigate how muscle fatigue affects walking and obstacle-crossing as well as cognitive performance.  You will be asked to do the following activities during the study: walking, crossing-obstacle, muscle strength test, auditory cognitive test, and a repeated sit-to-stand motion.

Exclusion criteria:

  • History of neurological disease or injuries including head trauma
  • Diagnosed cardiovascular disease or metabolic disease
  • Impairments involved with bones, muscles, or joints within the past six months
  • Persistent symptoms of dizziness, lightheadedness, unsteadiness, or any other medical condition that may affect your ability to walk over ground or cross over an obstacle
  • Any strenuous activity 24 hours prior to examination

The duration of study is approximately 2 hours. You will be compensated for your participation. For more information, please contact Teresa Chen via Email:

EMG Analysis of Scapular Stabilizer Muscles

We are currently recruiting healthy and active 18-28 year old individuals for participation in a single session where you perform shoulder exercises while connected to surface electromyography (EMG) sensors that record how much your muscles activate.

If you’re interested in athletic training, physical therapy, rehabilitative careers, and/or Graduate/Professional School, you may enjoy being a part of this research! We can be flexible and find a time for your voluntary session that suits your schedule!

If you are interested in participating, please contact Jamie Destache via Email:

Healthy Shoulder Study

We are conducting research related to shoulder function.  If you have never had any medical problems with your shoulder, you may be eligible to participate.  Testing is invasive and requires the insertion of needles into your shoulder and the electrical stimulation of your muscles.  If you are matched with a patient and complete all testing, you will be compensated $200 for your time.  If we don’t have a match for you yet, you could be on a wait list for up to two years. You would be contacted by phone or email when we find a match or are ready to remove you from the wait list.  Please call the Orthopedic Research Lab at the University of Oregon and leave your name, sex, age, and arm dominance if interested in participating in the study: 458-201-3149.

Muscle Health Study

Seeking volunteers for a muscle physiology research study. We are investigating proteins involved in muscle contraction and whether they are altered by age and fatigue caused by repetitive activities. The study will involve 2 visits to the lab and a muscle biopsy of a muscle in each leg. We offer $200 compensation when participation is complete.

For more information, please contact Dr. Damien Callahan at Email: or call 541-346-5040.