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Pre-2012 Curriculum

As part of HPHY’s efforts to provide the best possible undergraduate education, we revised the requirements for the Major in Human Physiology. The new requirements apply to all students declaring/entering the major in Fall 2012 and later. What are your options if you have declared the major prior to Fall 2012? The old requirements will apply to you unless you fill out an “Accept New Requirements” form in the HPHY office. If you submit this form, then the new requirements will apply to you. If you submit this form, you will not be able to change back to the old requirements.

Courses Pre-2012 New
General Chemistry or Honors General Chemistry Required Required
General Chemistry Laboratory or Introductory Physics Laboratory Required Required
General Biology or Biology Foundations or Honors Biology Required Required
General Physics  or Foundations of Physics Required Required
Mind and Brain (PSY 201) Required no
Calculus (Math 246 or 251) Required Required
Medical Terminology (HPHY 211) no Required 1
Evidence, Inference, and Biostatistics (HPHY 212) no Required 1
Human Anatomy and Human Physiology (HPHY 321, 322, 323, 324) Required Required
Human Anatomy/Human Physiology (HPHY 325) Elective 2
Physiology of Exercise (HPHY 371) Required Required
Motor Control (HPHY 333), Tissue Injury and Repair (HPHY 362), Biomechanics (HPHY 381) Required Elective
Two 400-level courses as specified Required no
Sixteen upper-division credits as specified no Required

1. If you completed HPHY 321 and 322 prior to Fall 2012, you may substitute additional upper-division credits in HPHY for HPHY 211 and/or HPHY 212 in the new requirements.

2. We will accept HPHY 325 Human Anatomy and Physiology III as satisfying one of the two-course requirements for 400-level coursework for students completing the Pre-2012 requirements. These students would still need to complete one additional 400-level course that is 3 or 4 credits and is HPHY 406 or higher, excluding HPHY 409.

Can I “mix and match” parts of the new and Pre-2012 major requirements?

No. If you declared the HPHY major before fall 2012, you can pick the plan that provides the flexibility you would like, but due to the challenges in the degree audit process, you can’t “mix and match” parts of the curriculum. The only exceptions to this are in the numbered notes above.

  Where can I find a detailed worksheet for the new and Pre-2012 major requirements?