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Degree Application Process

The following Graduation Checklist is a compilation of information that may help facilitate the graduation process. If after reading this material, there are still unanswered questions, feel free to contact either the Registrar’s Office in Oregon Hall or the HPHY department.


  1. Fill out a request for graduation on-line on Duckweb. Submit your request for graduation the term preceding the term of expected graduation. This will allow you some time to correct any problems which may arise.
  2. Download a Degree Audit Report from Duckweb. The Degree Audit is a detailed summation of all credits and classes (including transferred credits and classes) which illustrates completion or absence of requirements for graduation. Review this report for correctness and take any questions or concerns to either the Registrar or the HPHY Department.

In order to graduate in a timely and efficient manner it is important to know the requirements, both general university and departmental. Even though faculty and peer advisers can help you with specific questions concerning requirements, scheduling, major declarations, and so forth, it is in the interest of the student to be knowledgeable of the requirements for graduation. Good planning and thoughtful scheduling can make all the difference when it comes to avoiding time consuming and stressful, not to mention costly, graduation delays because a grade wasn’t transferable, a class didn’t fulfill a requirement, or a GPA is not sufficient. So plan ahead, meet with an adviser, and check your yearly progress reports. In the end, the insignificant time that it takes to do these things can make graduation a more enjoyable experience.