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Student Guide to the Human Physiology Curriculum

The purpose of the Student Guide is to provide you with a concise overview of the undergraduate curriculum offered by the Department of Human Physiology and easy access to extensive details about your major and where your major can take you.

Sometimes people are the best resources for information. Under Who to Talk to, you can find information on the location of the Human Physiology main office, our Peer Advisers (Visit them on Facebook or follow their blog), and our helpful office staff and Undergraduate Adviser.

If you are a prospective student, either still in high school or considering a transfer to the University of Oregon, you can see how best to prepare to join us.

What does it take to complete a degree in Human Physiology? Find out by looking at our Major Requirements. If you just need help planning your coursework, you can use our HPHY Major Requirements.

What are prereqs, and what are the prereqs for HPHY courses?

Where can I find descriptions of courses  in Human Physiology?

When will each Human Physiology course be offered in upcoming years?

What is the grade culture in Human Physiology?

I want to learn more! Maybe I should do a Minor in addition to my Major in Human Physiology. Can I graduate with Honors? How can I prepare for a career in a medical or healthcare profession?

I am almost done – What is the Degree Application Process?

Just looking for a form? Most of them are available under Quick links to Important Forms.

Did you become a Human Physiology Major before fall 2012?

If so, here’s some additional information for you…

Do you want to change plans to the New Major Requirements? Here’s the Accept New Requirements Form

Need a plan based on the old requirements for the major? Here’s the Pre-2012 Major Requirements Worksheet