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Department Seminar Series

FALL 2021


Fall Term Seminars will be held IN-PERSON in 110 Willamette Hall unless otherwise specified.

Online meeting links will be sent in advance to all Human Physiology Graduate Students. Any Undergraduates and non-HPHY Graduate students wanting to attend must request the link from the hosting faculty.


Friday October 8th, 2021 – 10 AM
Guest Speaker: Caitlin Alcorn, Assistant Director of Research Compliance Services, University of Oregon, Eugene Oregon
Title: IRB Insider: Navigating & Conducting Human Subject Research
Host: Hans Dreyer/Andrew Lovering



Friday October 22nd, 2021 – 10 AM **CANCELED**


Friday November 5th, 2021 – 3 PM VIA ZOOM
Guest Speaker: Ian Harding Ph.D., Head of the Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration Research Group in the Dept. of Neuroscience and Monash Biomedical Imaging, Monash University, Melbourne Australia
Title: TBD
Host: Michelle Marneweck



Friday November 19th, 2021 – 10 AM
Guest Speaker: Karina Nakayama Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, Oregon
Title: Engineering the Musculoskeletal Regenerative Niche with Patterned Biomaterials and Exercise
Host: Damien Callahan



Friday December 3rd, 2021 – 10 AM
Guest Speaker: Deanna Gates PhD., Associate Professor, Movement Science; Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Michigan
Title: TBD
Host: Mike Hahn




Past Seminar Series Speakers
Date Speaker Title
06/04/21 Candice Brown Guarding the cerebrovascular barrier: uncovering novel roles for alkaline phosphatase in brain endothelium
04/23/21 Glenn Fleisig How Baseball Pitching Biomechanics Affect Performance and Risk of Injury
03/12/21 Paige Geiger Heat Therapy: molecular targets and metabolic disease prevention
03/05/21 Monica Perez Neural Control of Movement Following Spinal Cord Injury
02/12/21 Karyn Hamilton Exercise and pharmacotherapeutics: Interactions between healthspan-extending interventions
01/29/21 Jonathan Reeder Skin-like, Microfluidic Systems for Hydration and Biochemical Feedback in Athletic Settings
01/15/21 Hélène Girouard Hypertension and neurodegenerative diseases: what is the missing link?
12/04/20 Saurabh Thosar Circadian rhythms and cardiovascular risk
11/20/20 Nisha Charkoudian Autonomic control of cardiovascular function in Black and White men and women:  the little we know and ideas for the road ahead
11/06/20 Marian Hettiaratchi Biomaterials for Musculoskeletal and Central Nervous System Regeneration
10/16/20 Alena Grabowski Can use of passive-elastic exoskeletons or prostheses enhance walking performance?
10/02/20 Jordan Troester From Research to Practice: A Framework for Applied Sports Science
06/05/20 Lara Boyd Exercise primes the brain to consolidate new motor memories
05/22/20 Fay Horak Digital Biomarkers for Parkinson’s Disease
05/08/20 Rob Shave Has the human heart been selected for endurance activity?
04/10/20 Trevor Day The Development of Central Sleep Apnea during Ascent to High Altitude: Friend or Foe?
03/06/20 Annie Zemper Tales from the Crypt: Gut Stem Cell Regulation
01/31/20 Ravi Balasubramanian Robotics-Inspired Passive Orthopedic Implants to Surgically Re-Engineer the Musculoskeletal System
01/24/20 Steven Laurie Keeping an Eye on the Eye on ISS
12/06/19 Anusha Mishra Neurovascular coupling in health and disease
11/22/19 Bala Ambati Advancing Corneal Care to Reduce Corneal Transplant Need by Enhancing Physiology
11/08/19 Larry David Research Support by the OHSU Proteomics Shared Resource, and the Role of Aged Lens Proteins in Cataracts
10/25/19 Janet Dufek The Effects of Strategies and Variability on Research Outcomes
10/11/19 Ghee Ong Medical Wireless Sensors
06/07/19 Christopher Fry Addressing muscle weakness following an ACL injury: focus on muscle quality
05/24/19 Gary Pierce Age-Related Central Artery Stiffness in Humans: Measurement, Mechanisms and Management
05/10/19 Jenny McFarland Physiology Core Concepts: Teaching for Conceptual Understanding
04/26/19 Kate Saul Understanding brachial plexus injury and shoulder function through integrated musculoskeletal modeling
04/12/19 Kerrie Moreau Anti-Aging effects of exercise on vascular function: Does Sex Matter?
03/15/19 Ulrike Dydak Neuroimaging of Manganese Toxicity in Welders
03/01/19 Lara Rangel The flexible coordination of hippocampal neurons in rhythms
02/15/19 Hans Haverkamp Airway function during exercise in the asthmatic: dilation? Constriction? Both???
02/01/19 Tracy Baker Maternal intermittent hypoxia during pregnancy alters neural function in adult male offspring.
01/25/19 Brad Wilkins Defining the rules, breaking expectations, and other questionable science career decisions.
11/30/18 Rob Roach AltitudeOmics: Understanding exercise performance and clinical hypoxemia through the integrative human physiology of altitude acclimatization
11/16/18 Laura Villasana Generating new neurons after traumatic brain injury
11/02/18 Cancelled
10/19/18 Jill McNitt-Grey The Control and Dynamics of Human Movements Initiated With and Without Momentum
10/05/18 Fong-Chin Su An Innovative Rehab Robot with Real Time Visual Feedback & Performance Assessment
6/8/18 Gary Mouradian Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia and the Control of Breathing
5/25/18 Nick Stergiou Harnessing Movement Variability To Treat And Prevent Motor Related Disorders
5/11/18 Jeff Iliff Glymphatic function in aging and dementia: sleep, waste and neurodegeneration at the crossroads of the CNS
4/27/18 Bert Tanner Sarcomere Length-Dependent Myosin Activity in Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle Function
4/13/18 Taraz Lee The Costs and Benefits of Cognitive Control and Motivation: The Curious Case of Choking Under Pressure
3/16/18 Phillip Gribble Long Term Consequences of Ankle and Knee Injuries: Another Reason Athletic Trainers Are Important
3/2/18 Lara Rangel *CANCELED* The Flexible Coordination of Hippocampal Neurons in Rhythms
2/16/18 John Greer Novel Pharmacological Approach to Countering Fentanyl Induced Respiratory Depression
2/2/18 Erica Wehrwein Expanding course instruction beyond “just the facts”: What else should we be teaching our students and how to do it?
1/19/18 Anita Vasavada Neck Biomechanics for Ergonomics
12/01/17 Elisa Gonzalez-Rothi Respiratory Motor Plasticity: Implications for Rehabilitating the Injured Spinal Cord
11/17/17 Chris DeSouza Vascular Consequences of Insufficient Sleep
11/03/17 Bert Tanner *CANCELED* Sarcomere Length-Dependent Myosin Activity in Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle Function
11/03/17 Kryn Stankunas Timing and Robustness Circuitry of Heart Valve Development
10/20/17 Cris Niell Neural Circuits for Vision in Action
10/13/17 Lesley-Anne Pittard & Victoria DeRose An IDEAL University: Challenges and Opportunities in Equity, Inclusion and Diversity at the University of Oregon
10/06/17 Kate Lyden Measuring Physical Behavior and Energy Expenditure in Health Research: Making Sense of Wearable Sensors
06/02/17 Bill Milson Divergent Strategies for High Altitude Performance in Tibetan and Andean Geese
05/26/17 Matthew Andrews Pharmaceutical development based on the biochemistry of hibernating mammals
05/19/17 Simon Schenk Does Protein Acetylation Link the Beneficial Effects of Exercise and Diet to Skeletal Muscle Health?
05/05/17 Charles Rice Motor Unit Properties in Aged Adults: The Exercise Effect
04/28/17 Jonathan Peake Evaluating the Rationale and Efficacy of Post-Exercise Treatments for Muscle Damage and Inflammation
04/07/17 Tim Uhl Shoulder Rehabilitation: An Exercise Progression from ‘Pendulum to Plyometrics’ based on the available EMG Literature
03/10/17 Clark Dickerson Shoulders, Shoulders Everywhere: Applying Biomechanics to Improve Human Lives
02/24/17 Katherine Ann Semsar Insights Into What Students Learn About Physiology Across a Major: Lessons From the New Programmatic Physiology Assessment, Physiology-MAPS
02/03/17 Sean Newsom Translational Metabolism Research at Oregon State University
1/27/17 Jim Pawelczyk What Price a Martian? Human Limits to Exploring the Red Planet
1/13/17 Espen Spangenburg A Surprising and Necessary Role for BRCA1 Expression in Skeletal Muscle Function
11/18/16 Jyoti Watters Mechanisms of Microglial Inflammatory Gene Regulation by Paradigms of Hypoxia
11/04/16 Elinor Sullivan Early Environmental Influences of Maternal Nutrition and Obesity on Offspring Mental Health
10/21/16 Young-Hui Chang Rules to Limp By: What Humans and Other Animals Teach Us About How We Get From Here to There
10/07/16 Thurman Lockhart Postural Stability and Falls in Advanced Parkinson’s Disease Patients
06/03/16 Gregory Funk Central Purinergic and Glial Signaling in the Hypoxic Ventilatory Response
05/20/16 Nina Stachenfeld Endothelial Function in Women with Androgen Excess Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
05/06/16 Mark Laursen Preparing to Practice
04/22/16 Roger Enoka Evolving Concepts on Motor Unit Physiology
04/11/16 Claudia Forjaz Blood pressure responses during and after resistance exercise: clinical implications
04/08/16 Brett Fenster Patent Foramen Ovale, Shunt, and Hypoxia: Can We Fit a Square Peg in a Round Hole?
03/11/16 Dan Pratt Teaching Perspectives: Mapping a Plurality of the Good in Teaching
02/26/16 Tim Hewett New Strategies to Prevent Primary & Secondary ACL Injuries
02/12/16 J.M. (Nino) Ramirez Cardiorespiratory Coupling in Health and Disease
01/29/16 Elinor Sullivan Early Environmental Influences of Maternal Nutrition and Obesity on Offspring Mental Health
 01/15/16 Wendy Murray Computer Simulation of the Upper Limb
12/04/15 Miranda M. Lim Sleep Neurophysiology in Traumatic Brain Injury: Parallel Studies in Mouse and Man
11/20/15 Cindy Meininger Fighting Vascular Complications of Diabetes by Modulating Tetrahydrobiopterin Levels in Endothelial Cells
11/06/15 Ben Miller Is Enhanced Proteostasis a Shared Characteristic of Slowed Aging?
10/23/15 Richard Weir Neural Interfaces and Bionic Limbs: Recent Work in the development of Advanced Prosthetic Hand Replacements
10/09/15 Matt Hodges Serotonin and SIDS: Using Rodent Models to Study an Unexplained Phenomenon
06/05/15 Bill Cliff Case-Based Learning In Practice
05/22/15 Jim Chestnutt Concussion Update: Research to Rehab
05/08/15 Darrel Neufer The Electrical Circuitry of Metabolic Disease: Integrating Mitochondrial Bioenergetics and Redox Biology
04/24/15 Mark Rogers Neuromechanics of Stepping for Balance and Mobility in Aging and Neurological Disorders
04/10/15 Rick Nepture Biomechanical Analyses to Improve Rehabilitation Outcomes for Those with Movement Disabilities
02/27/15 Michael Bey Dynamic Analysis of In-Vivo Shoulder and Tendon Function
02/13/15 Pope Moseley Heat Shock, Inflammation, and Autophagy
01/30/15 Gary Sieck Connecting Basic Science Discoveries to Solution for Human Disease
01/16/15 Walter Wray Taming “The Sleeping Giant”: New Insights Into the Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Blood Flow During Exercise
12/05/14 Andy Fuglevand Surprising Aspects of Synaptic Integration in Motor Neurons
11/21/14 Bob Murray The Pittsburgh Pirates, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, and Us – The Value of Perseverance, Stubbornness, and Stupidity in Exercise Science
11/07/14 Darin Padua Primary and Secondary Prevention of ACL Injury and Knee Osteoarthritis
10/24/14 Adam Chicco Muscle Mitochondrial Responses to Chronic High-Altitude Hypoxia
10/10/14 Paul DeVita Obesity…Osteoarthritis…The Solar System…It’s All Connected
05/21/14 Elisabet Borsheim Amino Acid Effects on Muscle Protein and Regional Lipid Metabolism
05/07/14 Csaba Galambos Anatomic evidence of intrapulmonary shunt vessels in neonatal lung disorders
04/23/14 Andrew Biewener Neuromuscular and biomechanical studies of terrestrial and aerial locomotion: guiding the development of Hill-type muscle models and biorobotic design.
04/09/14 Sandra Hunter Fatigability of Human Muscles: Sex and Age Matter
03/12/14 Dwight Klemm Distinct Fat Cell Populations Link Abdominal Obesity to Metabolic Disease
02/26/14 Wendy Kohrt Metabolic and Bioenergetic Actions of Estrogens
02/12/14 Trey Crisco Upper Extremity Biomechanics and Osteoarthritis
01/29/14 Dan Ferris Human Locomotor Control Revealed by Robotic Lower Limb Exoskeletons and Mobile Brain Imaging
01/15/14 Todd Zakrajsek Teaching for Deep Learning: Strategies for the Classroom from the Psychology of Learning
12/06/13 Terry Morgan CANCELLED Due to weather
11/22/13 J Andrew Taylor Aerobic Exercise for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury: Circumventing the Lesion
11/08/13 Andrew Winterstein Patient Outcomes Following Knee Injury: Clinical Trends and Current Research
10/25/13 Richard Burwick Complement Activation in Severe Preeclampsia
10/11/13 Eric Stice Reward region responsivity and reward learning propensity increase risk for future weight gain
06/07/13 Philip Clifford Challenges and Opportunities in Scientific Careers
05/24/13 John Osborn Targeted Sympathetic Ablation for Treatment of Hypertension
05/10/13 Samual Ward Human Shoulder Muscle Structure and Function in Health and Disease
04/26/13 James Onate Developing Models of Optimal Performance Sustainment through Functional Pre-Participation Screening
04/12/13 Julius DeWald The impact of loses of corticofugal projections on movement impairments following brain injury: Scientific and Clinical Implications
03/15/13 Art Kuo How people get around: The biomechanics of walking
02/15/13 Steve Broglio A Concussion Discussion: Questions and (Some) Answers
02/01/13 Phillip Gardiner Acute and chronic responses of spinal cord neurons and circuits to changes in physical activity