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Department Seminar Series



Spring Term Seminars will continue to be held online via Zoom. The meeting link will be sent in advance to all Human Physiology Graduate Students. Any Undergraduates and non-HPHY Graduate students wanting to attend must request the link from the hosting faculty.


Friday April 23rd, 2021 – 10 AM
Guest Speaker: Glenn Fleisig, PhD., Research Director, American Sports Medicine Institute, Birmingham, Alabama
Title: “How Baseball Pitching Biomechanics Affect Performance and Risk of Injury”
Host: Andy Karduna



Friday June 4th, 2021 – 10 AM
Guest Speaker: Candice Brown, PhD., Assistant Professor, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV
Title: Guarding the cerebrovascular barrier: uncovering novel roles for alkaline phosphatase in brain endothelium
Host: Ashley Walker







Past Seminar Series Speakers
Date Speaker Title
03/12/21 Paige Geiger Heat Therapy: molecular targets and metabolic disease prevention
03/05/21 Monica Perez Neural Control of Movement Following Spinal Cord Injury
02/12/21 Karyn Hamilton Exercise and pharmacotherapeutics: Interactions between healthspan-extending interventions
01/29/21 Jonathan Reeder Skin-like, Microfluidic Systems for Hydration and Biochemical Feedback in Athletic Settings
01/15/21 Hélène Girouard Hypertension and neurodegenerative diseases: what is the missing link?
12/04/20 Saurabh Thosar Circadian rhythms and cardiovascular risk
11/20/20 Nisha Charkoudian Autonomic control of cardiovascular function in Black and White men and women:  the little we know and ideas for the road ahead
11/06/20 Marian Hettiaratchi Biomaterials for Musculoskeletal and Central Nervous System Regeneration
10/16/20 Alena Grabowski Can use of passive-elastic exoskeletons or prostheses enhance walking performance?
10/02/20 Jordan Troester From Research to Practice: A Framework for Applied Sports Science
06/05/20 Lara Boyd Exercise primes the brain to consolidate new motor memories
05/22/20 Fay Horak Digital Biomarkers for Parkinson’s Disease
05/08/20 Rob Shave Has the human heart been selected for endurance activity?
04/10/20 Trevor Day The Development of Central Sleep Apnea during Ascent to High Altitude: Friend or Foe?
03/06/20 Annie Zemper Tales from the Crypt: Gut Stem Cell Regulation
01/31/20 Ravi Balasubramanian Robotics-Inspired Passive Orthopedic Implants to Surgically Re-Engineer the Musculoskeletal System
01/24/20 Steven Laurie Keeping an Eye on the Eye on ISS
12/06/19 Anusha Mishra Neurovascular coupling in health and disease
11/22/19 Bala Ambati Advancing Corneal Care to Reduce Corneal Transplant Need by Enhancing Physiology
11/08/19 Larry David Research Support by the OHSU Proteomics Shared Resource, and the Role of Aged Lens Proteins in Cataracts
10/25/19 Janet Dufek The Effects of Strategies and Variability on Research Outcomes
10/11/19 Ghee Ong Medical Wireless Sensors
06/07/19 Christopher Fry Addressing muscle weakness following an ACL injury: focus on muscle quality
05/24/19 Gary Pierce Age-Related Central Artery Stiffness in Humans: Measurement, Mechanisms and Management
05/10/19 Jenny McFarland Physiology Core Concepts: Teaching for Conceptual Understanding
04/26/19 Kate Saul Understanding brachial plexus injury and shoulder function through integrated musculoskeletal modeling
04/12/19 Kerrie Moreau Anti-Aging effects of exercise on vascular function: Does Sex Matter?
03/15/19 Ulrike Dydak Neuroimaging of Manganese Toxicity in Welders
03/01/19 Lara Rangel The flexible coordination of hippocampal neurons in rhythms
02/15/19 Hans Haverkamp Airway function during exercise in the asthmatic: dilation? Constriction? Both???
02/01/19 Tracy Baker Maternal intermittent hypoxia during pregnancy alters neural function in adult male offspring.
01/25/19 Brad Wilkins Defining the rules, breaking expectations, and other questionable science career decisions.
11/30/18 Rob Roach AltitudeOmics: Understanding exercise performance and clinical hypoxemia through the integrative human physiology of altitude acclimatization
11/16/18 Laura Villasana Generating new neurons after traumatic brain injury
11/02/18 Cancelled
10/19/18 Jill McNitt-Grey The Control and Dynamics of Human Movements Initiated With and Without Momentum
10/05/18 Fong-Chin Su An Innovative Rehab Robot with Real Time Visual Feedback & Performance Assessment
6/8/18 Gary Mouradian Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia and the Control of Breathing
5/25/18 Nick Stergiou Harnessing Movement Variability To Treat And Prevent Motor Related Disorders
5/11/18 Jeff Iliff Glymphatic function in aging and dementia: sleep, waste and neurodegeneration at the crossroads of the CNS
4/27/18 Bert Tanner Sarcomere Length-Dependent Myosin Activity in Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle Function
4/13/18 Taraz Lee The Costs and Benefits of Cognitive Control and Motivation: The Curious Case of Choking Under Pressure
3/16/18 Phillip Gribble Long Term Consequences of Ankle and Knee Injuries: Another Reason Athletic Trainers Are Important
3/2/18 Lara Rangel *CANCELED* The Flexible Coordination of Hippocampal Neurons in Rhythms
2/16/18 John Greer Novel Pharmacological Approach to Countering Fentanyl Induced Respiratory Depression
2/2/18 Erica Wehrwein Expanding course instruction beyond “just the facts”: What else should we be teaching our students and how to do it?
1/19/18 Anita Vasavada Neck Biomechanics for Ergonomics
12/01/17 Elisa Gonzalez-Rothi Respiratory Motor Plasticity: Implications for Rehabilitating the Injured Spinal Cord
11/17/17 Chris DeSouza Vascular Consequences of Insufficient Sleep
11/03/17 Bert Tanner *CANCELED* Sarcomere Length-Dependent Myosin Activity in Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle Function
11/03/17 Kryn Stankunas Timing and Robustness Circuitry of Heart Valve Development
10/20/17 Cris Niell Neural Circuits for Vision in Action
10/13/17 Lesley-Anne Pittard & Victoria DeRose An IDEAL University: Challenges and Opportunities in Equity, Inclusion and Diversity at the University of Oregon
10/06/17 Kate Lyden Measuring Physical Behavior and Energy Expenditure in Health Research: Making Sense of Wearable Sensors
06/02/17 Bill Milson Divergent Strategies for High Altitude Performance in Tibetan and Andean Geese
05/26/17 Matthew Andrews Pharmaceutical development based on the biochemistry of hibernating mammals
05/19/17 Simon Schenk Does Protein Acetylation Link the Beneficial Effects of Exercise and Diet to Skeletal Muscle Health?
05/05/17 Charles Rice Motor Unit Properties in Aged Adults: The Exercise Effect
04/28/17 Jonathan Peake Evaluating the Rationale and Efficacy of Post-Exercise Treatments for Muscle Damage and Inflammation
04/07/17 Tim Uhl Shoulder Rehabilitation: An Exercise Progression from ‘Pendulum to Plyometrics’ based on the available EMG Literature
03/10/17 Clark Dickerson Shoulders, Shoulders Everywhere: Applying Biomechanics to Improve Human Lives
02/24/17 Katherine Ann Semsar Insights Into What Students Learn About Physiology Across a Major: Lessons From the New Programmatic Physiology Assessment, Physiology-MAPS
02/03/17 Sean Newsom Translational Metabolism Research at Oregon State University
1/27/17 Jim Pawelczyk What Price a Martian? Human Limits to Exploring the Red Planet
1/13/17 Espen Spangenburg A Surprising and Necessary Role for BRCA1 Expression in Skeletal Muscle Function
11/18/16 Jyoti Watters Mechanisms of Microglial Inflammatory Gene Regulation by Paradigms of Hypoxia
11/04/16 Elinor Sullivan Early Environmental Influences of Maternal Nutrition and Obesity on Offspring Mental Health
10/21/16 Young-Hui Chang Rules to Limp By: What Humans and Other Animals Teach Us About How We Get From Here to There
10/07/16 Thurman Lockhart Postural Stability and Falls in Advanced Parkinson’s Disease Patients
06/03/16 Gregory Funk Central Purinergic and Glial Signaling in the Hypoxic Ventilatory Response
05/20/16 Nina Stachenfeld Endothelial Function in Women with Androgen Excess Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
05/06/16 Mark Laursen Preparing to Practice
04/22/16 Roger Enoka Evolving Concepts on Motor Unit Physiology
04/11/16 Claudia Forjaz Blood pressure responses during and after resistance exercise: clinical implications
04/08/16 Brett Fenster Patent Foramen Ovale, Shunt, and Hypoxia: Can We Fit a Square Peg in a Round Hole?
03/11/16 Dan Pratt Teaching Perspectives: Mapping a Plurality of the Good in Teaching
02/26/16 Tim Hewett New Strategies to Prevent Primary & Secondary ACL Injuries
02/12/16 J.M. (Nino) Ramirez Cardiorespiratory Coupling in Health and Disease
01/29/16 Elinor Sullivan Early Environmental Influences of Maternal Nutrition and Obesity on Offspring Mental Health
 01/15/16 Wendy Murray Computer Simulation of the Upper Limb
12/04/15 Miranda M. Lim Sleep Neurophysiology in Traumatic Brain Injury: Parallel Studies in Mouse and Man
11/20/15 Cindy Meininger Fighting Vascular Complications of Diabetes by Modulating Tetrahydrobiopterin Levels in Endothelial Cells
11/06/15 Ben Miller Is Enhanced Proteostasis a Shared Characteristic of Slowed Aging?
10/23/15 Richard Weir Neural Interfaces and Bionic Limbs: Recent Work in the development of Advanced Prosthetic Hand Replacements
10/09/15 Matt Hodges Serotonin and SIDS: Using Rodent Models to Study an Unexplained Phenomenon
06/05/15 Bill Cliff Case-Based Learning In Practice
05/22/15 Jim Chestnutt Concussion Update: Research to Rehab
05/08/15 Darrel Neufer The Electrical Circuitry of Metabolic Disease: Integrating Mitochondrial Bioenergetics and Redox Biology
04/24/15 Mark Rogers Neuromechanics of Stepping for Balance and Mobility in Aging and Neurological Disorders
04/10/15 Rick Nepture Biomechanical Analyses to Improve Rehabilitation Outcomes for Those with Movement Disabilities
02/27/15 Michael Bey Dynamic Analysis of In-Vivo Shoulder and Tendon Function
02/13/15 Pope Moseley Heat Shock, Inflammation, and Autophagy
01/30/15 Gary Sieck Connecting Basic Science Discoveries to Solution for Human Disease
01/16/15 Walter Wray Taming “The Sleeping Giant”: New Insights Into the Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Blood Flow During Exercise
12/05/14 Andy Fuglevand Surprising Aspects of Synaptic Integration in Motor Neurons
11/21/14 Bob Murray The Pittsburgh Pirates, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, and Us – The Value of Perseverance, Stubbornness, and Stupidity in Exercise Science
11/07/14 Darin Padua Primary and Secondary Prevention of ACL Injury and Knee Osteoarthritis
10/24/14 Adam Chicco Muscle Mitochondrial Responses to Chronic High-Altitude Hypoxia
10/10/14 Paul DeVita Obesity…Osteoarthritis…The Solar System…It’s All Connected
05/21/14 Elisabet Borsheim Amino Acid Effects on Muscle Protein and Regional Lipid Metabolism
05/07/14 Csaba Galambos Anatomic evidence of intrapulmonary shunt vessels in neonatal lung disorders
04/23/14 Andrew Biewener Neuromuscular and biomechanical studies of terrestrial and aerial locomotion: guiding the development of Hill-type muscle models and biorobotic design.
04/09/14 Sandra Hunter Fatigability of Human Muscles: Sex and Age Matter
03/12/14 Dwight Klemm Distinct Fat Cell Populations Link Abdominal Obesity to Metabolic Disease
02/26/14 Wendy Kohrt Metabolic and Bioenergetic Actions of Estrogens
02/12/14 Trey Crisco Upper Extremity Biomechanics and Osteoarthritis
01/29/14 Dan Ferris Human Locomotor Control Revealed by Robotic Lower Limb Exoskeletons and Mobile Brain Imaging
01/15/14 Todd Zakrajsek Teaching for Deep Learning: Strategies for the Classroom from the Psychology of Learning
12/06/13 Terry Morgan CANCELLED Due to weather
11/22/13 J Andrew Taylor Aerobic Exercise for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury: Circumventing the Lesion
11/08/13 Andrew Winterstein Patient Outcomes Following Knee Injury: Clinical Trends and Current Research
10/25/13 Richard Burwick Complement Activation in Severe Preeclampsia
10/11/13 Eric Stice Reward region responsivity and reward learning propensity increase risk for future weight gain
06/07/13 Philip Clifford Challenges and Opportunities in Scientific Careers
05/24/13 John Osborn Targeted Sympathetic Ablation for Treatment of Hypertension
05/10/13 Samual Ward Human Shoulder Muscle Structure and Function in Health and Disease
04/26/13 James Onate Developing Models of Optimal Performance Sustainment through Functional Pre-Participation Screening
04/12/13 Julius DeWald The impact of loses of corticofugal projections on movement impairments following brain injury: Scientific and Clinical Implications
03/15/13 Art Kuo How people get around: The biomechanics of walking
02/15/13 Steve Broglio A Concussion Discussion: Questions and (Some) Answers
02/01/13 Phillip Gardiner Acute and chronic responses of spinal cord neurons and circuits to changes in physical activity