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Research PHD Program Application Tips

Thanks for your interest in our PhD program! Below are some helpful tips to ensure the smooth completion of your application.

Tip #1: Letters of Recommendation

You will need at least two letters of recommendation. When you enter your recommenders’ information and press SAVE, your recommenders will immediately receive an automated email with instructions on how to respond. They will be able to submit their letters prior to the submission of your application. Once emails have been sent, you will not be able to modify the recommender information. We suggest you contact your recommenders before providing their contact information on the application.

Tip #2: Departmental Questions

To assist in your preparations, we are providing you with the Departmental Questions ahead of time. We recommend preparing your answers to the questions below so you can easily copy and paste your responses to the online application later.

  • Which faculty members you are interested in working with and why? Are there other reasons you are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Human Physiology at the University of Oregon? (400 words)
  • Describe up to 3 personal strengths that you believe will help you succeed in pursuing a graduate degree. (200 words)
  • Describe any previous research experiences. (200 words)
  • Describe any previous teaching, mentoring, or service experience and how you approached it. (100 words)
  • Tell us about a goal you set and reached and how you achieved it. (100 words)
  • Tell us about a goal you failed to achieve. (100 words)
  • What do you envision yourself doing after finishing a graduate degree in Human Physiology (e.g. within 5 years after graduating)? (200 words)
  • Describe your interests in and how you have contributed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. (200 words)