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The following courses are required prerequisites for enrolling in Human Physiology courses. The prereqs are used to assure that students have the appropriate background training before they enroll in a course or course series. Instructors plan what they teach and how they teach based on the learning objectives of the prereqs. Because of this, prereqs are strictly enforced.

To have passed a prerequisite and move on to the subsequent course, students need to demonstrate a “C” grade or better, which signifies a fair level of achievement. They cannot progress if they have a “C-” grade, which signifies little or marginal understanding of the material. We believe the students who come in from the prereq courses with grades in the marginal C- range struggle, and often times have to repeat coursework, which increases the number of students in these packed courses, increase the cost of education for students who repeat them, and typically delays their time to graduation. We believe these students would perform better in the major if they are caught at the prereq level and establish stronger study habits/seek assistance in the 200-level prereq courses before progressing to upper-division courses. This C standard is also required of all courses used to satisfy requirements of the human physiology major.

Did you pass a prereq for a HPHY course before fall 2014? For students who completed a prereq prior to fall 2014, a marginal but passing grade of C- may satisfy the prereq criteria for entry to HPHY 371 and other upper-division elective courses as follows:

Did you pass the following course prior to Fall 2014? Does a C- satisfy the criteria for entry to HPHY 321 & 322 or other HPHY courses?
HPHY 211 No, it must be C or better, no matter when it was taken
HPHY 212 No, it must be C or better, no matter when it was taken
BI 212 or BI 282H No, it must be C or better, no matter when it was taken
HPHY 321, 322, 323, 324, 333, 362, 371, 381 Yes
Other Biology, Chemistry, Math, or Physics prereq courses Yes

Are you a transfer student? The Undergraduate Advisors can help you determine whether a course you have taken at another institution may satisfy a prereq for a course. With approval of the Undergraduate Advisors, transfer students may be eligible for co-registration in HPHY 212 and 322, but it is still strongly recommended that they take HPHY 212 prior to 322 when possible.

Prereqs for individual courses offered by Human Physiology

The following 100-level General Education courses are Science Group Satisfying and are open to all majors.

100-level General Education Prereqs
101 Exercise as Medicine No prereqs
102 Exercise and Wellness No prereqs
103 Exercise and Performance No prereqs
104 Understanding Human Disease No prereqs
105 Principles of Nutrition No prereqs
111 The Science of Sex No prereqs
112 The Truth About Health No prereqs

The following 200-level Required of Major courses are open to non-HPHY majors after the initial registration period.

200-level Required of Major Prereqs
211 Medical Terminology No prereqs
212 Evidence, Inference, & Biostatistics No prereqs

The following 300-level Required of Major courses are open to non-HPHY majors after the initial registration period, with the exception of HPHY 371 Physiology of Exercise which is only open to HPHY majors.

300-level Required of Major Prereqs
321 Human Anatomy I HPHY 211, (BI 211 or BI 281H), (BI 212 or BI 282H), (CH 221 or CH 224H), (CH 222 or CH225H), (CH 223 or CH226H), (MATH 246 or MATH 251).
322 Human Physiology I HPHY 212, (BI 211 or BI 281H), (BI 212 or BI 282H), (CH 221 or CH 224H), (CH 222 or CH225H), (CH 223 or CH226H), (MATH 246 or MATH 251). [Transfer students can co-enroll in HPHY 212 with Department approval]
323 Human Anatomy II HPHY 321
324 Human Physiology II HPHY 212, HPHY 321, and HPHY 322 
325 Human Anatomy/Physiology III HPHY 323 and HPHY 324
371 Physiology of Exercise HPHY 323 and HPHY 324 

The following 300-level Electives are only open to HPHY majors.

300-level Electives Prereqs
333 Motor Control (HPHY 321 and HPHY 322) or PSY 304 [Open to Psych majors with instructor approval]
362 Tissue Injury and Repair HPHY 323 and HPHY 324
381 Biomechanics HPHY 323, HPHY 324, and PHYS 201
399* New 300-level courses HPHY 325 or HPHY 371

The following 400-level Electives are only open to HPHY majors. Some do not have prereqs, but all require Department or Instructor approval.

400-level Electives Prereqs
401 Research Department or Instructor approval
402 Thesis Department or Instructor approval
404 Internship Department or Instructor approval
405 Reading and Conference Department or Instructor approval
406 Special Problems Department or Instructor approval
408 Workshop Department or Instructor approval
409 Practicum Department or Instructor approval
409 Anatomy/Physiology Teaching Assistant Department or Instructor approval
420 Human Cadaver Dissection HPHY 323 (students accepted by application, due in early February)

The following 400-level Capstones are only open to HPHY majors.

400-level Capstones Prereqs
410* New 400-level courses HPHY 325 or HPHY 371
410 Science of Athletic Performance HPHY 371
412 Sleep Physiology HPHY 325
413 Muscle Structure, Function, and Plasticity HPHY 371
414 Muscle Metabolism HPHY 371
421 Pathophysiology HPHY 325
422 Physiology of Obesity HPHY 325 and HPHY 371
433 Neurophysiology of Concussion HPHY 333
434 Movement Disorders HPHY 333
441 Clinical Exercise Physiology HPHY 371
442 Clinical ECG/EKG HPHY 324
443 Clinical Pharmacology HPHY 325
460 Lumbar and Pelvic Functional Anatomy HPHY 323
462 Therapeutic Techniques HPHY 362
470 Environmental Physiology HPHY 371
472 Advanced Labs in Exercise Physiology HPHY 371
473 High Altitude Medicine & Physiology HPHY 325
480 Technology Development in Human Physiology HPHY 371
485 Gait Analysis HPHY 381
486 Orthopedic Biomechanics HPHY 381

*New courses under development may appear as 399 or 410 when scheduled.

Important changes to course prereqs (We will post corrections/changes here):

Updated 03/11/2015 – changes to 321, 322, and 371 prereqs, some changes to upper-division prereqs 

Updated 03/06/2015 – removal of PHYS and 3rd term of biology requirement from HPHY 371.

Updated 04/01/2014 – merged information from two web pages.

First posted 11/08/2013 – watch this space for updates.