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Jon Runyeon Receives Special Pedagogy Award

DTA Runyeon

Susan Anderson, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, presents the award to Jon Runyeon

Jon Runyeon is being recognized for his significant contributions to undergraduate education through his teaching in the Department of Human Physiology. In only his 4th year as a Career Instructor the students already know him as a “Rock Star of anatomy education”. Jon engages his classes of 300 students through a rigorous study of human anatomy while making the big class feel small. He accomplishes this through the use of evidence-based active-learning class activities, which are guided by the teaching team he mentors. As his peers attest, he is clearly on the “pedagogical cutting edge”. Jon utilizes numerous approaches consistent with best teaching practices to help students uncover the wonders of the human body.

In addition to his large class instruction in Human Anatomy I and II, Jon teaches an extremely popular small capstone course called Neurophysiology of Concussion. He also oversees the cadaver dissection program in which up to 80 UO students have the rare and magical opportunity to learn from the dissection of donor cadavers. Alumni from Jon’s classes regularly report back from their medical school programs that they are way ahead of their peers, and performing extraordinarily well in their coursework, thanks to the preparation they received in human anatomy. Jon’s student evaluations are filled with words such as “amazing; awesome; best ever; passionate; exceptional; respectful; and caring”.Jon Runyeon


Jon also serves as one of the Department’s main undergraduate advisors, helping to shepherd the Human Physiology Department’s 1100 students through their course of study. He is incredibly supportive of students, and writes an astronomical number of letters of recommendation for students applying to various health profession graduate programs. He is tireless in his dedication to student growth and is a true mentor and guide to his students.

Jon is being recognized for these amazing achievements so early in his career with the Ersted award for Specialized Pedagogy.



On Tuesday May 24th a special reception was held with University of Oregon President Michael Schill for all Outstanding Achievement Awards which included the Distinguished Teaching Awards, Exceptional Mentorship Awards and Research Excellence Awards.


Left to Right: John Halliwill, Li-Shan Chou, Jon Runyeon, Alissa Runyeon

Jon Runyeon and wife Alissa











President Schill