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Updated November 11, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, our department is following the University’s Return to Campus Plan for the 2020-21 academic year. Staff will be working remotely and the department’s office will remain closed. Our department is committed to the education and safety of our students and will provide service remotely during this year. Please see below for more information about changes to specific courses and points of contact for specific questions. General questions may be e-mailed to Email and phone messages will be checked regularly throughout the business day. 

Thank you for your flexibility and understanding.

John Halliwill, PhD, Department Head
Anni Elling, Department Manager

Update for Winter Courses

As UO has shifted toward predominately remote instruction, our department has put considerable effort into finding the right combination of best teaching practices and best public health practices, to maintain the quality and rigor of educational experiences while also mitigating risk of transmission. We are grateful to have you as students and we are committed to your success and to providing a valuable academic experience this year.

Here is what to expect for winter HPHY classes:

  • The following lecture and discussion-based courses will be taught remotely, using a combination of synchronous and asynchronous interactions between instructors and students 
    • HPHY 105 Principles of Nutrition 
    • HPHY 211 Medical Terminology 
    • HPHY 212 Scientific Investigations in Physiology 
    • HPHY 408 Workshop in Athletic Training 
    • HPHY 423 Physiology of Aging
    • HPHY 470 Environmental Physiology
  • The following lecture and lab-based courses will be taught remotely, using synchronous and asynchronous interactions combined with web-based research tools for labs and/or “at home” lab projects 
    • HPHY 324 Human Physiology II
    • HPHY 381 Biomechanics 
  • One of the most acclaimed educational experiences in our curriculum is our cadaver-based anatomy program.  We are pleased to say that we will continue to support in-person labs along side the remote lectures for the following courses, but we will also offer a remote lab option for anyone not comfortable with the in-person labs. 
    • HPHY 323 Human Anatomy II
  • We are sorry to announce that we will not be offering HPHY 362 Tissue Injury and Repair or HPHY 375 Metabolism and Nutrition this year.

We know some of these changes will generate new questions.  You can use the information provided below if you need to get in touch with an advisor.

Update on grading options for Winter 2020 and beyond.

The Department of Human Physiology recognizes the challenge and stress added to our students by the shift to remote learning in Spring and Summer. We want to ensure these additional challenges do not delay progress towards an undergraduate degree. For 2020 winter, spring, and summer terms, the department waived the requirement that all courses used to satisfy the major must be taken for a letter grade (P or C- grades were accepted). Moving forward, for all courses taken Fall 2020 and later, a C- or better will be required to satisfy the major and prerequisite requirements.

Update on advising and advising contact information

To reduce in-person contact due to COVID-19 and to be able to reach every student that might be attending classes remotely, all advising services will be offered remotely, including appointments and drop-in advising.

Tykeson Advising appointments. Tykeson advisors are providing remote advising sessions during spring term.

Human Physiology Advising appointments. Human Physiology advising appointments will be done remotely through video conferencing with Microsoft Teams or phone calls.  All appointment bookings will provide you with a link to join an audio/video meeting, or you can indicate your preference for a phone call appointment.  All students have a UO Teams account and can utilize Teams for communicating with students and faculty (login with your uoregon email and password).

  • You can contact the Human Physiology advisors by email at
  • To schedule an appointment with a HPHY advisor visit the Human Physiology appointment booking page.
  • Drop-in advising with the HPHY peer advisors is available through Teams. You can chat or call them in Teams (Mon-Fri) by contacting Human Physiology Peers (hphypeer).

Please use the following contact information for specific questions

Faculty and instructor remote office hours

Office hours for faculty who are teaching can be found via the Canvas site for each course. For faculty who are not your instructor, feel free to reach out via email to schedule a time to meet with them or to ask about office hours.