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HPHY Graduate Students Showcase Their Research at Grad Forum

These Human Physiology graduate students participated in a one-day conference hosted annually by the UO’s Graduate School. More than 100 graduate students representing more than 30 disciplines participated.


The Graduate Forum provides an opportunity for students to showcase their research in a public forum.


(Pictured from Left to Right)

Teresa Chen: “Effects of Lower Extremity Muscle Fatigue on Dual-Task Obstacle-Crossing”

Evan Day: “The Load-Displacement Relationship of the Metatarsophalangeal Joint During Running”

JJ Hannigan: “Does Hip Abductor Fatigue Affect Running Mechanics”

Austin Hocker: “IL-1R Activation Undermines Respiratory Plasticity”

Will Pitt: “Dual-Task Gait Stability Assessment Utilizing a Wearable Motion Analysis Sensor System”