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Department Seminar Series

FALL 2014

Fridays, 11:00am-12:20pm, Location: 125 McKenzie Hall

October 10, 2014
Speaker: Paul DeVita, PhD, Professor at the Department of Kinesiology, East Carolina University
Title: Obesity…Osteoarthritis…The Solar System…It’s All Connected
Hosts: Andy Karduna, PhD, Li-Shan Chou, PhD, Mike Hahn, PhD

October 24, 2014
Speaker: Adam J. Chicco, PhD, Associate Professor at the Department of Health & Exercise Science and Biomedical Sciences, Colorado State University
Title: Muscle Mitochondrial Responses to Chronic High-Altitude Hypoxia
Host: Hans Dreyer, PhD

November 7, 2014
Speaker: Darin Padua, PhD, ATC, Professor and Chair of Department of Exercise & Sports Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Title: Primary and Secondary Prevention of ACL Injury and Knee Osteoarthritis
Host: Grace Golden, PhD, AT Program

November 21, 2014
Speaker: Bob Murray, PhD, Managing Principal at Sports Science Insights, LLC
Title: The Pittsburgh Pirates, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, and Us – The Value of Perseverance, Stubbornness, and Stupidity in Exercise Science
Host: Chris Minson, PhD, Pro Skills

December 5, 2014
Speaker: Andy Fuglevand, PhD, Assistant Professor at the Department of Physiology, University of Arizona
Title: Surprising Aspects of Synaptic Integration in Motor Neurons
Host: Brian Dalton, PhD