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University of Oregon


Li-Shan Chou, Ph.D.

Professor/Department Head

Focus: Balance control during locomotion
Phone: (541) 346-3391 / (541) 346-4311

Anita Christie, PhD

Assistant Professor

Focus: Age-related changes in neuromuscular function
Phone: (541) 346-8592

Brian Dalton, PhD

Assistant Professor

Focus: Sensorimotor physiology
Phone: 6-9128
Office: Gerlinger 348A

Sierra Dawson, ATC, PhD

Lecturer/Graduate AT Program Director

Focus: Active learning strategies & the female athlete
Phone: (541) 346-1487

Hans Dreyer, PT, PhD

Assistant Professor

Focus: Skeletal muscle physiology
Phone: (541) 346-5775

Phone: (541) 346-4286

Michael Hahn, PhD

Assistant Professor

Focus: Neuromechanics of human locomotion
Phone: (541) 346-3554

John Halliwill, PhD


Focus: Exercise and environmental physiology
Phone: (541)-346-5425

Andrew Karduna, PhD

Associate Professor / Dir. of Graduate Studies

Focus: Upper extremity biomechanics
Phone: (541) 346-0438

Andrew Lovering, PhD

Associate Professor

Focus: Cardiopulmonary and respiratory physiology
Phone: (541) 346-0831

Carrie McCurdy, PhD

Assistant Professor

Focus: Obesity and Insulin Resistance
Phone: (541) 346-4325

Christopher Minson, PhD

Ken and Kenda Singer Endowed Professor

Focus: Cardiovascular physiology
Phone: (541) 346-4105

Jon Runyeon

Instructor/Dir. of Human Anatomy & UG Advising

Focus: Human anatomy and cerebral concussion
Phone: (541) 346-8212